By putting my hands on the patient I am passing on energy. With this I treat people as well as animals, especially horses.


I have been healing horses since 2012. Horses gained my special attention when a colleague, who unfortunately passed away, did the exact same thing with horses. My experiences up to that particular day were only horse riding during my military service at Korpse Rijdende Artillerie (Gele Rijders). I had healed other animals for example dogs, cats and even a parrot, now I have helped many horses and ponies from Shetlands to Shires in both the Netherlands and Germany. They had various difficulties not only injuries but also problems with behaviour.


The horse’s healing is done at his own stable, this way the animal is in his own comfort zone. Eventually other problems at the stable (like magnetic fields, relation to other animals, spirits, etc.) can be solved in one go. The treatment of horses is not very different to the treatment of people. First I greet the horse so he will accept me, just as with people horses become relaxed through the healing. I do not ask what the problems are, my hands find the spots like an antenna. Healing gaze:- By only looking at the eyes of the horse I can communicate and bring a certain relaxation into him. Sometimes this sort of sleepiness happens without touching the horse at all.

Treatment at people

Treatment (people)

The healing session normally lasts 20-30 minutes. The first one often takes 45 minutes because of us getting to know each other. I carry out my healing on a massage table, except for shoes all clothes stay on. You do have to remove glasses, jewellery and switch off your mobile phone. Sometimes jewellery contains certain negative “radiation” and this will be removed by me during the healing. Of course you will get everything back after the session. You do not have to believe to get a positive result. Seeing = believing.

What do you feel during the session?

During the session you can feel warmth or a tingling sensation; even if my hands are not on that particular part of your body. My spirit guides are still helping in healing even if I stop touching. You may also feel cold; this is mostly the case when there is a negative energy in or around you. When I take this away you will feel cold. If people are coming to me very stressed, they feel less heavy after the treatment. You may also see light or colours during the session.

What can be healed and how many treatments do I need?

I am sorry, but I cannot heal everything. Reducing pain is nearly always effective and although I have been present on miraculous occasions I cannot create wonders myself. We as human beings are only a very smart part of the chain. A healing treatment may be one or more session. When it concerns more than one session the time in between 2 treatments will increase as time passes. If I cannot help you I will tell you immediately at or even before the first healing. If I can help you I will advise you on the number of sessions you will need after the first treatment. You are not obliged to take a certain number of treatments, you pay per visit.

The number of sessions depends on the problems you have. My hands are like an antenna going to the areas needed. It can be helpful if you tell me what you are coming for, but this is not necessary. It can be that you suffer from back problems and I am healing one of your legs if this is what caused it; For instance if your legs are not functioning you are walking in a certain way that causes you the least pain. However, this can cause problems to your back later on and since you are not noticing this any more you forget it.

Long distance healing through a photograph

I take a photo (or print) between my hands, I make contact through telepathy. For an effective session I need a picture without any other person or animal. This does not need to be a full body photograph, for instance giving relaxation for exams a passport photo is enough. The long distance healing is less intensive but not less effective. Mostly I heal in the evening and the result can be noticed by the next morning. The distance between me and the person or animal does not have any impact on the treatment and its result. It does not matter if you sit on the other side of the planet or next door.

Where does the energy come from?

It is God’s gift to me to heal with his power. I am only a small link in the chain. The energy is inexhaustible, always and everywhere ready for use.

I only work with my hands, a pendulum, a rosary and water. I do not sell any products.


  • Divining for wells under the surface (for drilling)
  • General pain relief
  • Astral surgery of lung damage and burn victims.
  • Eczema / rash
  • Headaches / Migraine
  • Help with exam stress
  • Crying babies (all day)
  • Knee problems (cruciate ligament)
  • Neck pain
  • Detecting terrestrial radiation
  • Urinary problems (bedwetting) in young adults
  • Backaches
  • Sense of smell (recovery)
  • Bursitis
  • Insomnia
  • General Stress
  • Exorcism in humans
  • Cleansing Houses of spirits / entities
  • Removal of tiny metal splinters in eyes
  • Nerve Pain
  • Sweaty feet

Other services

Ghosts in houses

How do they get there and how can I make them go away?

Every house can host one or more ghosts; it is not something to worry about, except for those who are giving you a bad feeling or keep you from your sleep, those you have to remove from your house. Ghosts can live in a house long before you are living there. Even with newly built houses ghosts can be present as it is the ground they are staying on; also unborn children for example a miscarriage, abortion or still born can have difficulties going to the light. This can be your children but also that of previous occupants. Disruptive ghosts can also be the ones that have not left the earth voluntarily, like victims of murder or suicide; also think of war casualties. Children are extremely susceptible to the spirits’ energy. Of course, it is difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. However, if children are awake every night and describe exactly what they see, it can be assumed you may have “company”. Also a very light touching, flickering lights or a breeze of wind when all windows and doors are closed can mean that you have got company. These are the pleasant ways spirits make you aware of their presence.

It can also be the case you feel that you are choking or objects start to move which normally cannot or electronic devices that break down one by one long before they should. The nice spirits like grandparents mostly do not disturb and when you think they are, you can ask them and they will leave instantly out of respect. All other spirits have to be removed by specialized people. I remove spirits by using my hands to guide them to the light. Afterwards I seal your house with water so they or others have no possibility of returning. This only needs to be done once on the condition that you do not call ghosts yourself.

Magnetic fields and wells

Terrestrial radiations are magnetic fields that rest in the soil and thus cut through the entire house; because they cannot be removed I often recommend putting the bed on the other side of the room to get rid of the negative effect. I have the ability to detect them but not to bend them. I do this detection using a pendula or via telepathy. The complaints which I have often seen that were caused by earth radiation were: insomnia, headaches, back and neck problems. The evidence proving that moving the bed has helped, is that the people can suddenly sleep well without awakening every two hours. Children are more aware of the presence of this radiation, but also adults can suffer from it. On the Internet you can read many explanations about what is terrestrial radiation. I have never taken a course or looked further into it, but I know people who have more experience in this area and so I can recommend them to you.


Wells: For boreholes. With the pendula I can point to the wells that are just below the surface so you do not have to drill so deep.