Healing is giving energy from a person to another person or animal. Healing is normally done by putting my hands on the body of the patient. But also by only pointing my hands without even touching let the energy flow to ones body. Beside hands I also can you use my feet or just gaze at the eyes of the person or animal. Using my eyes works esspecially on horses who cannot be reached because of fear or anger and helps them to calm down so I can touch them afterwards.


As with people, horses relax during my healing sessions. Without any information regarding the illness of the horse, I find my way to the areas which need to be healed.

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Even without believing, you will receive a positive result. You do not have to believe in it, you will feel it.

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Besides healing people and animals I also detect magnetic fields or spirits which disturb your life. Both can cause problems with sleeping, children are especially very sensitive to this.

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