I was born with a paranormal gift. Even as a child I could feel other people’s pain. When I was only 8 years old I predicted the death of my grandmother who died 3 days later. I had to wait until the age of 25 before I could actually use my paranormal skills. In my mother’s studio I learned to use my paranormal gift to heal in a spiritual way. I have helped people throughout the Netherlands, but also in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal through live contact or through photo healing.

While I was in military service I rode horses for a short time. In 2012 I accidently bumped into horses again when I healed a colleague from his back pain and was then asked to look after his horse. I felt a pain between the horse’s hoof and shoe. I treated the horse twice and the pain disappeared. A Farrier then found an old hoof ulcer right on the spot I had pointed to, I decided to try out my gift more often.  Without a lot of knowledge about horses and even without knowing where the animal’s pain is, I am able to point out where the problem is coming from and heal it, regardless whether the problem is physical or psychological.


Although I still heal people horses have become my true passion.

My personality can be described as ‘no nonsense’. I communicate in a direct and open manner, which is why I am able to explain paranormal messages and methods in a rational way.

Horse rescue (Paardenopvang Achterhoek)

Since 2013 I have been working as a volunteer at the Horse Rescue (Paardenopvang Achterhoek) where neglected and mistreated horses are given a second chance.  Most are rehomed to new owners who are better suited to their needs. I work there as a horse whisperer and healer.

Most of the horses have had a rough time both physically and psychologically before they end up at the Horse Rescue. I have had some unique experiences, learning from the horses and teaching the other volunteers. Gerrit Simmelink is doing an absolutely wonderful job dedicating his life to these animals at “Paardenopvang Achterhoek”


I see paranormal healing as a beautiful and worthwhile gift which can be seen as complementary to the medical world. Often people come to me having tried multiple medical options which have failed. I will never put my services ahead of a doctor’s advice and suggest you seek a medical opinion before coming to me.