Miracles don’t exist…?

In the years that I have been treating horses I have had a few very special experiences. There are two experiences in particular that I would like to share with you.

Westendorp Helpless Foal

I had only recently subscribed to an internet forum (Bokt) and wanted to gain more experience.  At that moment a cry for help came to me from a girl who posted a blog called “Little Miracle With Bad Luck”. This was the story of a girl that had bred a foal with great difficulty. The animal had so many problems that the vet had given her painkillers and antibiotics for a week. After this week, the foal would have to be euthanized. Also, the problems with the foal had caused significant financial problems. Heart breaking to read, I decided to offer my services. It was the first foal I had treated. The diagnosis was ‘inflammation in the subcutaneous Fetlock Joint’. The condition was inoperable and could only be controlled with antibiotics, but the antibiotics did not work. ..

I had the first contact on Friday. The next morning I went there for the first treatment, the foal felt no pain because of the painkillers and the leg was at an angle of about 30 degrees below the Fetlock Joint. The Fetlock Joint was as thick as that of an adult horse, very unpleasant to see.

That Saturday I treated her at her own stable, this I repeated three times that week every other day. The days in between I treated the foal by photo healing. After a week I received “the message” that my job was done and thus I passed this information to the girl. The animal had recovered during the week and has now become a very nice mare. The vet who treated her went back and had no explanation for the healing other than being lucky!

Comment from the owner:

Bernadet: Roburt maybe you still remember me. The only reason my (now 2 years old !!) mare is still alive is because of you. I had already contacted many horse clinics before I opened the topic in Bokt. At that time the foal was only a few months old. She had problems in one of her Fetlock joints but no vet could find out exactly how to treat her. You sent me a short message offering your help. I must honestly say that I had already given up. I said yes because I had nothing else to lose. I think you came to see me a total of 3 or 4 times. Strangely enough she improved very quickly, while you appeared to do nothing. In fact, you didn’t even touch her, occasionally trying to relax her! You did not leave earlier than you had to, feeling that the problem was fixed. I am convinced you would have returned instantly if the situation had worsened. Luna improved during the 3 weeks after your treatment and she is now 100% cured. What you do not know is that I had asked the vet to visit us again after your treatment. I did not tell him about you and your treatment and I asked him what his explanation was, he said “very luck”, but that is nonsense, because I know that YOU have brought happiness. Roburt after one year I want to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Every day when I look at my pretty girl, I am grateful to you and I wonder what would have happened if you had not sent me a message. But I’d rather not think about it. You are awesome!

Irish Cob Rocky – Chronic Diarrhoea

This little miracle happened in Weeze, Germany. I had organised 2 days of free healings for a German horse website Pferdeforum Niederrhein. The lady owner of this horse had sent me a message about her Irish Cob gelding. He had chronic diarrhoea which had continued for at least two years, he’d had the same problem with the previous owner. Several veterinarians had examined him; the animal had already been given several different types of forage, cortisone, living cultures. The continuous diarrhoea caused both legs to become soar and red, there was no hair growing on them and every other day the owner had to wash the stool off the legs.  Various liniments were used but nothing worked.  The Irish Cob was introverted and would hardly let me in. I spent at least 15 minutes with my hands on his head to “break” his resistance. The owner was not familiar with someone like me and asked me what I was doing with his head instead of healing his stomach? I told her that if I did not do this he would not allow me to treat him.  It was a stubborn horse as an Irish Cob is! He clearly showed where the pain was by lifting his rear leg when I touched the correct spot on his right side. More than once I had to stop my healing because he tried to kick me… 😉 I felt clogged bowels and I spend half an hour healing this, but “something” told me that I had to keep going and would heal the horse. Then I used a type of wound healing oil for the sore legs. I agreed with the owner that she would take a picture of the horse’s legs every day and e-mail it to me. I had used so much energy that Rocky was staring at me for 10 minutes after the treatment. Since I’ve been there, the diarrhoea has completely stopped and his legs have fully recovered, all within 12 days!

Comment from the owner:

I would like to share my experiences of the visit from magnetizer Roburt Geurts! I asked for the free treatment for my Irish Cob. My gelding Rocky was somewhat weary of him and did not really want to be touched by him, he is a “little bit” stubborn. Roburt did not speak to me before the treatment; he initially went to the horse. He needed quite a long time to get through to Rocky, because he did not open up. At one point he stopped resisting and Roburt could start searching. He actually went straight to his problematic areas, hind legs and hips. Rocky noticed that the treatment did not hurt and so started to relax. I must say that Rocky never was a very open minded character or very interested in other people, suddenly he became very angry when Roburt touched a spot. I was really surprised, because I never saw Rocky like this!!! Roburt then told me that this area caused him a lot of pain. Strange, because normally I could touch him there easily… Then Rocky looked back towards Roburt as if he wanted to say: Do it again.. When Roburt finished, Rocky came closer to me and gave me a poke..? Roburt and I then walked out of his stable and Rocky was certainly staring for a good 10 minutes. Apparently it was very tiring for him. Roburt thought he was a very introverted horse and he literally swallowed his feelings instead of expressing them. Roburt said it felt as if Rocky had stones in his stomach.

Now the history of Rocky: Rocky has for years (even with the previous owner) always had problems with his hind legs. He had, despite different foods, probiotics, cortisone and various ointments for his legs were always full of muck.

Furthermore, he always chewed on his legs (sometimes with open wounds and often red). Several veterinarians had tried, but without success … I had to wash his legs every two days to get the mess off! Since the treatment my horse has really changed! He is suddenly interested in everything. He is no longer listless and does not let his head hang as often. When he hears something now… his head goes straight up. He comes directly when he sees me and is full of attention. He eats really well and the best is yet to come …. He is no longer DIRTY !!! His legs are healed and no longer sore. He is much more awake and is simply full of life. Roburt Thanks again for your help with Rocky !! We had tried everything and are still amazed with your outcome !!! His coat has since recovered completely !! Kind Regards, Silvia